April 19, 2024

The problemIf you operate a small business, no matter what field you are in, you will be up against a lot of competition. Chances are you all offer similar services, similar price and similar advertisements.What is going to make your business stand out above the rest, and be the choice of your potential customers?The answerThe answer may just be in the mirror. The one thing that makes your business different from all the others is you (and your employees). So why not promote yourself?Your Business JourneyLet us take a look at the journey you have made to get your business to where it is today:
You studied hard to get the necessary qualifications.
You gained hands-on training or apprenticeships.
You have joined professional bodies related to your field of work.
You have become eligible and so have the required licenses and permits you need.
You researched the best insurance for you business.
You have done similar work before, and have recommendations.
All the above factors show you are a professional and competent business, and is used in your marketing and advertising correctly, could gain you instant trust with your potential clients.ConclusionPromote yourself above your competition, create a unique differentiator between you and your rivals. Look at your own personal business journey and use the events and results in your own marketing campaigns. Show off the fact you have relevant certificates and diplomas, describe your hands-on training, details which professional memberships you have. Let you clients know you have the correct permits, licenses and warranties. Tell clients about the insurance you business holds. Inform your clients of the recommendations you have of similar work.You are your best advertisement, market yourself and drive more customer conversions. propel your business by marketing YOU.