Why You Should Think Twice About Free Web Hosting

If you are looking for a free web hosting service, it will be helpful to fully understand its features so that you will be prepared to cope with its manner. There is no free lunch anywhere, hence, almost all free hosting services have so many strings attached. Of course, you don’t expect a hosting company, with so much money committed into the business, to run at a loss.As a result of this, you should expect so many monetizing applications on your web pages because this is one of the ways the free service provider can remain in business and continue to provide you with the service. You should expect banner ads, pop ups, text ads, porn ads, etc. on strategic locations on your web pages. This way, you are making your own little contribution to the success of your free service provider. Fair enough, isn’t it?But come to think of it, have you ever sat down to calculate the return you will make on your website after launching it? Probably that’s why you are looking for a free hosting service. If you know the amount of money you will make through your website in the long run, you would not mind putting in a little investment. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! By hosting your website on a free platform, you are taking advantage of someone else’s investment and he must definitely reap back what he has sown in abundance.You can imagine working so hard to generate traffic for your new site and eventually not earning enough from your effort. That is what will happen when you are on a free hosting service because you would be sharing your traffic revenue with your web host. Except you want a fun site that is targeted at family and friends, free web hosting is definitely not the best for your business.Web hosting services are cheaper these days and with adequate research, you can get the best provider that suits you. In fact, most hosting companies have services for low net-worth individuals and organisations generally referred to as small businesses. This type of service is called shared hosting whereby certain numbers of websites are hosted on one server. As a result, the cost of hosting is shared among owners of these websites.On a final note, if your desire is to make money with your website, free web hosting is definitely not for you. The growth of your business should be paramount while the reputation of your business should not be traded for a free hosting service. Not many people will be willing to transact business with a website that is hosted on a free platform or with many annoying adverts.